• ADitya Rajan

  • Industry: Financial Services + Tech

    HOME: Bolingbrook, IL

    YEAR: 2020

    MAJOR: information science

    Minor: Business



    "Last summer I worked at Extreme Networks as a summer business analyst in the internal strategy group. I worked on determining the feasibility of implementing a multi-million dollar IT system used to standardize all reporting systems within the firm. Next summer I will be working at Goldman Sachs in the Securities Division. "



    "I am the Co-Founder of Vizer Strategy Consulting; our firm is dedicated to preparing a generation of strategy consultants through comprehensive curricula, real-life consulting experiences, and networking events that stress the values of diversity of thought. I am also a member of the Phi Sigma Kappa social fraternity"



    "My hobbies include anything outdoor related including hiking, biking, photography, camping, etc. I also enjoy swimming as I was a competitive swimmer for about a decade. I have a strong passion for teaching/education and I hope to give back more to the education community after I graduate. I'm also a huge car buff and have watched every episode of Top Gear and Grand Tour. Finally, I really love to travel (I've been to most of the states and 15+ countries) so if anyone has any recommendations let me know!"